SoulCare was established in 2018 after the founder, Avisha Chugani, discovered that her own path to healing could also be of benefit to others. Prior to establishing SoulCare, Avisha spent her professional career as a holistic academic counselor for first-generation, low-income, underrepresented and undocumented college students. Her sessions with students often went beyond the academic and into the personal, spiritual, emotional and physical aspect of wellness. As she helped others connect to their inner wisdom, she saw a need to spread her knowledge and resources beyond the institution of higher education and into the communities in which her students originated from and return to.

Engaging in SoulCare means giving ourselves the gift of time to get in tune with our needs, tend to those needs, and foster a level of wellness that so many of us have never truly known. We can then know how to fill our wells regularly so that we may offer our service from that reserve regularly. This is the cycle of giving. The true cycle that social justice warriors rarely practice because we don’t exactly know how to.

If you’re ready to teach yourself how, and ready to uncover your inner wisdom, connect with Avisha to schedule a 15-minute free consultation and to learn more about working together!